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Health & Fitness Mentorship


grim reaper

believes you've given up.

Have you?



I battled obesity & depression

most of my adult life.

Not anymore.


is mental, physical, & emotional Alignment with your purpose.

Been there. done that.

I lost weight on many diet & exercise plans but always regained it. Unitl Now!

When God imagined me into existence, His vision did not include obesity, depression, loneliness, and despair.His intention was and is always for me to enjoy well-being.

My life choices gave me all the maladies mentioned above.Facing the rapid decline of my health and quality of life, I took a leap of faith by trusting a friend who said she could help. She knew that some really smart scientists had developed a plan for living that could restore my body, mind, and spirit to well-being.

It worked for her.I hoped it would work for me.


We are pilgrims on the same journey.

I'm a bit further down the road than you, have made a few wrong turns, and discovered a few shortcuts along the way.

Let me show you the way.

How it works

  1. We start where you are now.
  2. We prepare for your journey.
  3. We discover your motivation.
  4. We imagine your best life & build a vision around it.
  5. We implement the system by focusing on the fundamentals.
  6. We work the system.
  7. We face challenges together.

Step one

It is NOT important for you to believe this will work for you;

you need to believe it works for me. If you believe that, let's talk.

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A FEW OF my discoveries

(so far)

Comillas Negras

I believed that I overate because I was depressed and was depressed because I was fat.

One week into my health journey I realized the foodI ate made me depressed (sugar crash). This revealation produced a paradigm shift in my thinking and attitude toward my hope for the future.

Comillas Negras
Comillas Negras

I believed that I lacked the self-discipline to be thin.

I learned I don't need discipline to be mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy. In fact, discipline is a poor foundation for success. Intrinsic motivation combined with healthy habits makes well-being automatic. I don't believe I have more discipline today than I did before; yet, my life is completely different.

Comillas Negras
Comillas Negras

As a former athlete, I believed intense exersize was the only way to control my eating and to lose weight.

I was surprised to learn that neither was true.I quickly lost weight and made healthy food choices with NO exersize.

Comillas Negras
Comillas Negras

I believed my problems--obesity, depression, lethargy, etc.--were mine to bare.

My problems affected EVERYONE around me. Friends, family, clients, people standing in line next to me at the grocery store, etc. encountered an unhealthy version of myself. My choices had consequences for them too.

Comillas Negras
Comillas Negras

I believed my problems were genetic--that I was powerless to change them.

I realized my problems had nothing to do with my DNA. My problems were the result of habituated, self-sabotaging bad habits, which are changeable. Habits that were so deeply ingrained in my personality suddenly had no power over me. In two months, they were no longer part of my life.

Comillas Negras
Comillas Negras

I believed I was too fat, out-of-shape, and too old enjoy life again.

I had thrown in the towel, believing my best days were behind me.My destiny was a rapid physical and emotional decline that would culminate in a premature death. Lord, was I wrong!



Comillas Negras


Intrinsic motivation is the most powerful force on earth. It propels people up mountains and allows them to accomplish unimaginable things.

When one is intrinsically motivated discipline is unnecesary because DESIRE originates from within.

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